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Best seo practices/methods are applied whilst making a website for assured results and guaranteed rankings. I offer no rank no pay challenge.

Grand Media Works

Multi Platform.

All the websites made by Grand Media Works are compatible in all four major platforms, including the PC, Mobile, Iphone etc.



From codes to content, depending on the type of website being developed, everything is planned accordingly to achieve rankings on the search engines and surpass competition.

On par with competition.


Grand Media Works based in Rajkot (INDIA), provides web design, website redesign and social media as well as other related services including technical assistance. Using latest web standards, W3C valid websites are developed with a lot of attention to detail while making it clean, simple yet attractive and mobile friendly.


Get carved on google search results, grand media works provides SEO which is very unique compared to other providers as there is no limit for potentially ranked keywords.




GRAND MEDIA WORKS provides web design, seo and social media services. No matter the device, all websites built will look and function the same. Using the current web standards, each website is developed to stand the test of time. Grand Media Works provides E-commerce maintenance, including listing items, adding images and ranking products. I have bigcommerce and volusion experience. I have experience with E-bay listings, with custom html coding, as required by the clients. I also provide seo services for ranking product related videos on youtube. Social media accounts creation, including free blog & monthly report and 24/7 support after the website is finished. I provide customer friendly solutions while making websites so that in future if they want to, clients can easily add, edit and delete content on their website on their own. Proven seo expertise and experience in developing websites for over 5 years, assured results and guaranteed rankings. Aside from web deisgn, i also provide ebay product posting, ecommerce item listings and rankings, image editing, data and email collection. Blog creation is free with the package. References from both local and international clients available.

Promotional marketing, advertising is temporary, exposure in Rankings are permanent. Grand Media Works


Grand Media Works has developed..., Shri Ram Engineers are marine engine spares manufacturer as well as aftermarket & OEM marine engine parts premier supplier based in Rajkot (INDIA)., Binh An Funeral Home is independently owned. Provides funeral services to the families of Orange County, Los Angeles as well as Riverside in California, US.

Payment terms 0% ADVANCE and preferred modes are PAYPAL / WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER


web design

Grand Media Works is based in Rajkot, India. I offer web design, search engine optimization as well as social media serices on a flat fee basis. I can design or re-design your website according to W3C standards, using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery as well as other modern concepts as the base. My biggest strength is guaranteed first page rankings.


Templates as well as Handmade Custom designs are used. Alongwith creativity, utmost care is given in order to assure that the website will be neat and simpler enough to both get the message to the viewer as well as making sure that no matter what the platform is, the website will be viewed as properly as intended.


In case of a redesign, the content will enchanced and new content will be added as required including new images suitable for the new design, also the website will me remade from scratch. For a new web design, all the client is required is to provide content and images as required.


Once the website is made, i will provide you free social media accounts as well as monthly reports for free. Other free stuff includes a free flyer, a catalog/brochure as well as a free visiting card designed just for the client. Other goodies include free email as well as google / one drive set-ups.

All websites made by me are ranking on top of Google search engine results with multiple keywords across various Google domains worldwide.

Free Website Analysis

Web Design

Web Design Check


Your website will be checked for integrity, validity.

SEO Check


Your website will be tested for the seo.
Social Media

Social Media Check


Your website's social media status is analyzed.

Static or template based website designing along with custom specific requirements. HTML 5 CSS3 based websites are created which are according to W3C standards. Applicable to both personal and company websites

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